Dear Diary,

After I finished making: 100 cookies; 50 loaves of gluten free (grain free) bread; 3 roasted turkeys; 2 hams, and marinated the cucumbers, my boss came running into the kitchen.  She was in a panic and said, “OMG… I forgot the petits fours… you have to stay late and make something, anything that can be made into gluten free petits fours!  I’m sorry but they have to be made tonight!!!  You can’t leave now.  I absolutely forbid it.  Have your neighbor feed your cats.  They’re stray cats– they don’t belong to you anyway… Let them fend for themselves.  Let them eat cake…  A night of hunting will do them some good.  And get that worried look off your face!  I can’t have the Mayor’s wife eating food filled with your worries.”  I swallowed and shook my head.  I wasn’t worried about the cats.  Honestly, I didn’t really think of them as mine (even though I had named them).

I was worried about petits fours.  What could I use to make gluten free petits fours?  Then I noticed the ton of bananas sitting out and decided to google: gluten free baking with bananas.  I found a recipe for “Paleo Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread” by Rachel Conners.  All I had to do was: make 10 of them; cool them; cut them; prepare a dark chocolate ganache and make candied violets as a decorative topping.  Best case scenario: I’d be done by 2:00 am.  Then I could rush home to feed the cats…

“Paleo Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread” recipe by Rachel Conners