Dear Diary,

The “Young Ladies Tea” for wayward pre-teen girls went well.  I enjoyed my stint at volunteering.  Thankfully, I was even able to rid my mind of that song: Hero, by Enrique Iglesias.  I can’t stand that song!  It drones on and on about, “I can kiss away the pain… I will stand by you f-o-r-e-v-e-r… you can take my breath away…” I will however confess to a “once upon a time” weird infatuation with Enrique Iglesias.  Maybe that’s why I can’t stand the song?  For an entire year (during my 20s), he repeatedly appeared in my dream world.  We were always (suffocatingly) together.  One time, we were in a wind swept desert travelling by camel.  Another time, we lived underwater in a crystal cave.  Then he was a repairman at my house carrying old pieces of lumber outside.  Oddly (in each dream), Enrique was always dressed in black while I was always dressed in white.  I have yet to figure out those dreams.

Interestingly enough, recalling those dreams inspired the idea for a black and white ice cream sandwich with chocolate ice cream and white bread instead of cookies.  Which reminded me of my “Dirty White” dough.  I had to get back to the bakery…

While packing up the van, the Mayor’s wife came over to chat.  She handed me the book, Wheat belly, by Dr. William Davis.  I had heard of that book and wondered if that was the reason for her remarkable transformation.  She said, “I haven’t read it– I thought it was a cookbook about pork.  Silly me.”  She laughed and said, “I had a face lift; boob job; tummy tuck; ankle re-contouring and knee replacement last month in China!  There’s a hospital that can handle it all.  Now I’m truly plastic like a Barbie doll.  Did I mention what they did to my lady parts?”  I looked away and threw the book in my bag…  I couldn’t wait to bake my “Dirty White” bread.  I figured I’d have the ice cream sandwich for breakfast.  Then the Mayor’s wife whispered, “I have a job offer for you.  Interested?”  I was suddenly whisked out of my bread fantasy and said, “Sure.  What is it?”  She said, “Here comes your boss.  We’ll talk later…”