Dear Diary,

When I returned to my cubby station (after storing the Mayor’s wife’s box in the recycling bin) I heard the “ding, ding” of the “ring for service” bell from out front.  I jumped into action and was surprised to see the Mayor’s wife still there.  She was tapping her hand against the  counter.  I asked, “Did you forget something?”  She said, “Yes, breakfast.  Do you have anything ready that’s gluten free?”  I didn’t say anything because the scene was so awkward: the Mayor’s wife kept looking at her phone– she wouldn’t look at me.  Then she barked, “Well, tell me… what do you have?  I’m in a hurry.  The Mayor has a Teachers Union breakfast meeting today…  I have to be there but I need to eat first.”  I told her I could make her something but it would take about 20 minutes.  She agreed but huffed, “Why does everything and everyone move so slowly when I’m in a hurry?”  I had no answer to that question; so I went to the kitchen and made Elana Amsterdam’s Paleo Breakfast Bread.

When I returned, the Mayor’s wife was gone!  I assumed she was in a hurry and had changed her mind about eating before the meeting.

“Paleo Breakfast Bread” recipe by Elana Amsterdam