Dear Diary,

True confession:  not everything I make at the bakery is from scratch!  Oh, all the dough is one hundred percent handmade by me.  And, because my boss loves apples; all apple pie fillings are made (by me) on the premises.  But the cherries in the cherry pies are from a jar!  Haha…  Last year, I told my sister (who lives on an avocado ranch in New Mexico) about the cherries and she said, “You’re being passive aggressive.  Why don’t you just quit?”  Then I remembered the Mayor’s wife’s box!!!

It was 7:45 pm.

I ran out to the recycling bin.  Thank goodness, the box was still there!  I looked at it and thought it looked different.  Good Lord!  The box had been opened; it was empty.

Hmmm…  As penance, I better start making my own filling for the cherry pies.  I crushed the box so it would fit into the bin.  Then I looked at the address and recognized it from a delivery (of doughnuts) I made two weeks ago.  There’s only one truly wealthy person in town, and he lives there!  I looked at my watch.  It was 8:04 pm.  Since I missed the appointed time, I went home to feed the cats.