Dear Diary,

Grocery shopping (with my boss’s credit card) was fun!  I threw  all kinds of unnecessaries into my cart.  I even found an expensive ham for my savory bread pudding.  Nevertheless, I was undecided about my “Thank you” gift for feeding Ancel and Axel…

Then I saw the new bookstore section of the Co-op.  I hastily  rolled my full cart inside.  Suddenly, the cart’s wheels locked.  I lost hold of it, and watched as my heavy cart slammed into a bookshelf.  Books were scattered everywhere!  I ran to help the sales clerk clean up.  She was really nice about it and recommended 2 books:  Move Into Life, by Anat Baniel;  and The Secret Of The Ring Muscles— Healing Yourself Through Sphincter Exercise, by Paula Garbourg.  As I was leaving, the sales clerk said, “Take this book (Everyday Grain- Free Baking, by Kelly Smith) too.  The recipes are really good and easy!”

It was 7:15 am by the time I finished unpacking the groceries at the bakery.  I looked over my “To do list.”  At the top, my boss had written: Make Chocolate zucchini bread for the Mayor’s wife.  She included a recipe, and a personal note.  It read: “Super delicious.  I made this exact chocolate zucchini bread last week for my mother who despises zucchini.  She loved it!”

The Mayor’s wife walked into the bakery just as I finished packaging the chocolate zucchini bread.  She smiled and asked, “Are you still interested in that job offer?”  I said, “Maybe?”   Then she said, “What happened with the box?”  I looked at her and thought about making up an excuse.  Then she said, “Never mind for now, my sister needs someone to cater a small (gluten free) family event at her place.”  There was an odd pause.  Then she said, “Of course you’re interested…  I can see it in your eyes!  I’ll call later with the details.”

“Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Bread” recipe, by Elana Amsterdam