Dear Diary,

At 11:45 am, approximately 15 minutes before my boss was due back at the bakery, the coffee machine dramatically turned itself off.  I had assumed all was well between us because I smelled coffee brewing.  So, with that task successfully behind me, I decided to make shortbread cookies.  Anyway, I was back in the kitchen when I heard a “beep, beep, beeeeeep.”  I rushed out front.  The noise and a blinking red light were coming from the coffee machine!  I pushed the power button but nothing happened.  Seconds later, the beeping stopped.  I’d often heard “Cleopatra” greet the machine with, “Ciao tesoro mio.”  So I said, “Ciao tesoro mio.”   There was a long pause then I heard a gurgling noise from inside the coffee machine.  Then there was a “Hmph” sound.

I repeated, “Ciao tesoro mio.”  The coffee machine replied, “Allora cosa vuoi che faccia?”  I understood that to mean, “What do you want me to do then?”  I calmly stated, “I want you to work the way you work for ‘Cleopatra.'”  The coffee machine said, “Io non parlo inglese.”  I inhaled deeply and thought about what to say.  Then I begged, “Si prega, si prega di lavorare la mia macchine cara!”  The coffee machine rudely replied, “Io non voglio lavorare oggi.”  The machine didn’t want to work today…  Good grief!

My boss was fuming mad when she entered the bakery at 12:05 pm.  She looked at me and barked, “Get me a cappuccino STAT!  I’ll be in my office.”  I stayed out front for a few minutes.  I figured “Cleopatra” would be in tomorrow and the coffee machine would be ready to work again.  I scratched my head searching for what to say to my boss.  My boss isn’t the kind of person who wants to hear details about problems.  She wouldn’t want to know that the coffee machine took the day off.  My boss is only interested in  results.  She always says, “If you find a way to fix a problem… fix it.”

Five minutes later, my boss came out of her office and said, “Forget the cappuccino…  I’d rather have that luscious chai you made last week.”

“Gluten-Free Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies” recipe by King Arthur Flour