Dear Diary,

Every business has its high and low season.  At the bakery, our high season is autumn through winter.  Spring rains signal the start of the “Cleanse” diet season.  Obviously, no one wants to gorge on sweets during a 40 day fat flush!  So my boss decided to serve “Ultra Clean Green Salads” with 2 optional bakery sides for $17.50.  Oddly enough, the customers love it.

Summer is ice cream season at the bakery.  Three years ago, my boss asked me to work exclusively on the making and selling of ice cream!  She purchased a food truck, and we drove all over town soliciting ice cream/sugar junkies.  It worked.  Now, during summer months, customers line up for a chance to try our 7 flavors.  The bakery’s ice cream is made in small batches.  Additionally, we sell “Limited editions” of ice cream throughout the year.  My boss says, “The idea of limited supply drives the competitive instinct in most people.”

Since it was 4:00 pm (and the last cookie had been sold) I turned the front door’s Open sign over to Closed.  I wanted to relax and look at my new books before figuring out what to bake for tomorrow.  Then I remembered, tomorrow is my day off!!!!  I didn’t have to make plans for the bakery.  On my days off, my boss holds Women’s Business Seminars with coffee and macaron she buys in bulk from Costco.

Anyway, my boss was a lot calmer when she emerged from her office.  She even discussed  her upcoming seminar: “The Business of Marriage & Divorce– The don’ts every savvy woman should know before saying, ‘I do.'”  Sounded interesting but I was way too excited about my day off to pay attention.  Then the phone rang.  My boss answered; then quickly hung up.  She looked at me and said, “Wrong number.”  Then it rang again and my boss said, “You answer it.”  I did.  It was the Mayor’s wife pretending to be someone else needing directions to the gas station.  The Mayor’s wife said, “Play along with the story while I give you the details about my sister’s party.  Sorry for the short notice, but it’s tomorrow!”