Dear Diary,

I love French toast!  I used to have the same “Them there eyes” feelings for pancakes but something changed between us, and we went our separate ways.  Before that, I was “Hopelessly devoted” to waffles.  And before that it was crepes…  Anyway, my French toast was exactly what I needed.

Since my boss’s mother was still deeply entranced by that crystal ball, I closed my eyes and smelled the remnants of caramelized maple syrup and melted butter on my hands.  I wondered why no one had made a maple syrup/melted butter (all natural) fragrance?  Needless to say, I was in a happy place.  Then I looked at the clock– it was getting late; so I cleaned the kitchen and took out the trash.

That’s when I saw my boss!  She was seated on the front porch steps eating pizza.  I wondered where she’d been.  Then my boss looked at me and said, “I went to see the Mayor’s wife– we’re old friends.  About 20 years ago, I helped finance one of her first pet projects.  She hadn’t met the Mayor yet– we were both volunteering in Africa.”  I thought about running inside to get my phone…  Then my boss started crying!  I hadn’t seen that side of her, and figured the FBI didn’t need to see it either.  After a few moments of silence, I asked,  “Who made the pizza?”  She steadied herself and said, “The Mayor’s wife makes a stunningly good pepperoni pizza with a chickpea flour crust!  I want you to make this tomorrow at the bakery…  The proceeds will go to the Mayor’s wife’s legal defense fund.  Of course, I’ll deduct 20% for administrative costs.”  My boss thanked me for spending time with her mother.  Then she said, “Go home and feed your cats!”

“Chickpea Crust Pizza” recipe by Keri Glassman