Dear Diary,

I was exhausted after leaving the Mayor’s mansion.  Then I remembered I had to finish making a white chocolate raspberry tart for my boss’s niece’s baby shower.  The niece called the bakery (last night) and left a message detailing her perfect baby shower theme: “The Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland movie.”   I couldn’t comprehend her unusual (“Off with their heads!”) selection, but reasoned it was easy enough to make red and white desserts!

Since I was tired, I wanted to drive back to the bakery in silence.  But, “Cleopatra” wanted to talk nonstop about the Mayor’s wife’s pregnancy, and the situation with the Mayor’s wife’s babies daddies.  She was giddy over the whole thing.  I must admit, you never really know a person until you find out their real interests.  Nevertheless, I lost track of “Cleopatra’s” reproductive discourse after she said, “Did you know a pregnant female dog can have puppies fathered by more than one dog in one litter?”  I asked her why she said “female.”  She said, “I’m clarifying because with seahorses it’s the male that gets pregnant!!!”  While “Cleopatra” continued her biological discussion I drifted off to a recent email from my sister.  I figured I needed to respond…

After unloading the bakery’s van “Cleopatra” asked, “So what are you going to do?  Any big plans???”  I told her about the white chocolate raspberry tart for the baby shower.  She laughed and said, “No, silly.  Didn’t you get the email from our boss?”  I told her, “My phone drowned; so no, I didn’t get it.  What did it say?”  “Cleopatra” read it to me.  Then she said, “I’m going to finish college and go to Med school!”  I was floored.  My boss was closing the bakery!!!!!

“White-Chocolate Raspberry tart” recipe from the book, Pure Chocolate by Fran Bigelow