Dear Diary,

Normally, I’m “up and at ’em” at least five minutes before I hear the classical music from my alarm clock radio.  But for some reason, I felt lazy today and lingered until 4:05 am.  Also, I couldn’t shake the dream I’d had.  It was about fish.  Since it was pouring rain outside, I reasoned maybe I was the fish.

With fish on my mind, I decided to have grilled sardines for breakfast.  I wanted something a little more extraordinary than grilled sardines with toast; so I flipped through Marion Cunningham’s The Breakfast Book.  I took a chance and made her recipe for “Soft Gingerbread.”  The gingerbread and sardines combination was so awesome I opted not to read my horoscope– I knew I was in for a great day!  In fact, that gingerbread was so darn good, I knew my short lived love affair with French toast was over!  C’est la vie…

As I was leaving, I saw Marie Belle.  She looked awfully fat, especially around her tummy.  Nevertheless, I went back inside to get her the leftover sardines.  Then I remembered: if you dream about fish, it means someone you know or somebody known by someone you know is pregnant.  Good Lord!  More cats!!!

“Soft Gingerbread” recipe from “The Breakfast Book” by Marion Cunningham

For information regarding the spaying and neutering of pets:


Dear Diary,

That yowling noise/scream was from Marie Belle (she’s clearly in heat).  There’s nothing worse than seeing a cat like that.  After I successfully chased away the male cats, I called Marie Belle for her dinner.  But, she continued to writhe about on the ground, and when I tried to console her, she scratched me!  Then she refused to eat the meal I had made specifically for her…

Anyway, I wondered about the job offer from the Mayor’s wife.  Maybe she needs a private chef?  Maybe she wants cooking lessons?  Maybe she knows someone who needs those things?  Truthfully, my boss has not been the easiest person to work for!  I could definitely see myself doing something else…  But what?  I have no computer skills.  I work early hours and mostly alone.  I’m quiet and keep my thoughts/recipes to myself.  I have no criminal history…

The next morning, the Mayor’s wife came into the bakery.  I had forgotten all about her job offer because I had been cleaning  and recalibrating the oven after a baking catastrophe!  She handed me a large package and said, “Be there by 8 pm.”  She pointed to an address on the package and whispered, “Don’t tell anyone about any of this.”