Dear Diary,

My boss greeted me with, “Shhhh…  Don’t speak, mother is in a trance state.  Your talking could disrupt her connection.”  I nodded my head.  Then my boss ushered me to the seat directly across from her mother.  I didn’t want to put my phone on the table; so I placed my bag (with my phone in it) on the arm of my chair.  Then I stared at my boss.  I was annoyed and wanted to ask her why she wasn’t at the bakery today and what she thought about the Mayor’s wife’s arrest?  But my boss kept looking at her shoes.  Then I looked at her mother.  She seemed super focused on that crystal ball.  Then I stared at the crystal ball.  It looked old.  Then I wondered if it came from my boss’s mother’s family?

Then my boss whispered, “Be a dear and stay with mother while I run an errand or two.”  My boss always “runs an errand or two” when I visit her mother.  I don’t mind because I actually like her mother.  Most of the time, we end up doing household chores like laundry or ironing.  She has the best washing machine– it’s a Speed Queen!  On one of my visits, we polished the silver and she told me about her favorite husband, Harold (not my boss’s father).

Anyway, after my boss left; I turned my phone off.  I figured the FBI didn’t need to know about the crystal ball or its possible revelations.  Then my stomach growled.  I was thinking about bread, and what I could make when my boss’s mother said, “I see you talking to a grey haired man.  He’s very tall.”  There was a brief pause, then she said, “I see you making French toast…”

“French toast” made with “Gluten Free Paleo Sandwich Bread”  Bread recipe by Julia Mueller

Speed Queen washing machine information:


Dear Diary,

Today, I almost got fired!

My boss caught me viewing the surveillance video.  I was desperate to see that handsome man’s face again.  I could not get him off my mind.  So, while everyone was at lunch, I went into my boss’ office and checked the video tape…  She walked in just as I realized the handsome man was even better looking than I had remembered!  I was spooked by her sudden entrance. And, I reacted poorly:  I pushed delete instead of save!  I’d never see that handsome man again…

Luckily, my boss was in a tizzy over the Mayor’s wife’s annual “Young Ladies Tea.”  Every year she has a tea party for wayward pre-teen girls.  My boss forgot about the tea party and consequently didn’t schedule it on our Events calendar.   We had nothing prepared!  My boss looked at me and said, “Make 100 of those Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies; find a recipe for gluten free bread and make tea sandwiches with ham, turkey and cucumbers- not all combined but individual cucumber sandwiches– individual ham sandwiches and individual turkey sandwiches!!!”  Her face was bright red.  Then she said, “I’ll forgive your snooping (on my computer) if you ‘volunteer’ to be a server at the Young Ladies Tea.”  Naturally, I did.

Gluten Free Paleo Sandwich Bread recipe by Julia Mueller (The Roasted Root)